Anjali Sharma

Hey! I am a physical fitness blogger, nutrition enthusiastic and a power influencer. A huge knowledge of the field of nutrition, fitness, dieting, and health. A articles and opinions have been featured in many Health magazines, newspapers as well as nutrition website. Her opinions and reviews of any health products or dietary supplements or beauty products are from her personal experience. She chooses those products, try them and write about the actual results she gained. Not only this, but she also provides other users on how they should use those products to gain faster results. Similarly, she also informs the new users what they should never do while taking or using any supplement or products respectively. The health supplement and beauty product market is very huge. It is very hard to recognize the effective product from the sea of products. Anjali Sharma is a fitness enthusiast who aims to provide useful information about all those health supplements and products with facts only. Thus, many users have benefited from the articles of Rose Walter to find the right supplement for their body and gain maximum benefits. She is indeed a true influencer for enhancing the life quality of many of her readers.

Current Location : 1821 Preet Vihar Delhi, IN 110092

Work : current research in nutrition and food science @ Minneapolis, MN, USA

Education: Nutrition Science degree @ University of Florida